Shooting with the iPhone 4

During the week I managed to pick up an iPhone 4 after my last smart-phone decided to die on me. BSODed! Thanks Microsoft and your crappy Windows Mobile! Who knew a phone would let alone could get the blue screen of death?!

Anyways back to the iPhone and it’s built-in 5-megapixel camera; with auto-focus :D. Have been experimenting with it the last two days and have found that it’s not that great with low light shots, and the LED flash leaves a blue hue to photographs if it is with in 2/3 of a meter of the target. Other than that it perfect for quick day shots here and there, and the HDR setting is phenomenal for a point and shoot camera.

All and all I find myself to be rather impressed with it so far.

Update: It looks amazing on the retina display, but not so much on my computer display. Still good though.

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