X/Y Table Project

The photo above is of the final project for my Robotics & Controls class. The project consists of X/Y gantry table which is controlled by Allen Bradley PLC with various sensors and motor drivers communicating over and Ethernet network. The goal is to create a program for the PLC that will follow the simple rules of tic-tac-toe where colour coded pucks will be placed by the gantry in the nine boxes of the game board. The control will be through an HMI touch screen that will display the status of the game and have the players input the location of their next move.

All in all this sounds like a simple project on the surface but there is going to be quite a bit of logic to consider. Some examples of what need to though out will be:

  • How to store the status of the current game session?
  • How will the position of the X/Y gantry be known?
  • Will the PLC or HMI be used to tell the difference between a win or cats game?

All this has to be done well I am also working on the class labs and the FUNAC labs.

This should be a piece of cake. [Inserting sarcasm here]

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